G.I. Bill (полное название Servicemen's Readjustment Act of ) — закон (​билль) США, который определял льготы для вернувшихся с фронтов.

The GI Bill

The GI BillAfter World War II, in reaction to rising inflation and lengthening life expectancies, and a dramatic expansion of the education sector with the G.I. Bill, TIAA. His service in the United States Navy during World War II allowed him to take advantage of the GI Bill for continuing education. Во время Второй мировой войны.

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On rare occasions in American history, Congress enacts a measure so astute, so far-reaching, so revolutionary, it enters the language as a metaphor. But perhaps none resonates in the American imagination like the G. Altschuler and Stuart M.

Blumin offer a compelling and often surprising account of the G. Bill and its sweeping and decisive impact on American life. Formally The GI Bill as the Servicemans Readjustment Act ofit was far from an obvious, The GI The GI Bill piece of legislation, but resulted from tense political maneuvering and The GI Bill negotiations.

As Altschuler and Blumin show, an unlikely coalition emerged to shape and pass the bill, bringing together both The GI Bill Deal Democrats and conservatives who had vehemently opposed Roosevelts social-welfare agenda.

For the first time in American history returning soldiers were not The GI Bill supported, ссылка на страницу enabled to pursue success--a revolution in Americas policy towards its veterans.

Once enacted, the G. Bill had far-reaching consequences.

By providing The GI Bill training, unemployment compensation, housing loans, and tuition assistance, it allowed millions The GI Bill Americans to fulfill long-held dreams of social mobility, reshaping the national landscape. The huge influx of veterans and federal money transformed the modern university and the surge in single home ownership vastly expanded Americas suburbs.

Perhaps most important, as Peter Drucker продолжить href="https://xn--80afh5adm3cyc.xn--p1ai/black/kepka-valkein-original-flat-cap-black.html">посмотреть еще, the G.

The GI Bill

Bill signaled the shift to the knowledge The GI Bill. The authors highlight unusual or unexpected features of the law--its color blindness, the frankly sexist thinking behind it, and читать consequent influence on race and gender relations.

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Not least important, Altschuler and Blumin illuminate its role in individual lives whose stories they weave into this thoughtful account. Written with insight and narrative verve by two leading historians, The G. Bill The GI Bill a major contribution to the scholarship of postwar America.

The GI Bill

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Перевод "gi bill" на русский

Автор: Jones Karen EN. Автор: Collectif The GI Bill. Автор: Elliott Paul EN. Автор: Chamberlain Diane EN. Автор: Rosenberg Aaron EN.

The GI Bill

Author: The GI Bill Glenn EN. Genre: Иностранная литература. Language of The GI Bill book: Английский.

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The Post-9/11 GI Bill Explained

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