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Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

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Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

Дисплей: 5.7 LCD Связь: Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n Дальность ИК: до 3 м Аккумулятор: 8500 мАч Время работы: до 150 д


Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

EQUES R26 PREMIUM Продолжение здесь $ 405.00 Select options; Источник YK6088E /R23Gold $ 899.00 Select options; EQUES A27 5 MINI 2 PREMIUM GOLD $ 269.00 Select options; EQUES R21 PREMIUM BLACK $ 189.00 Pre-Order Now
R26: Indoor Dimensions (mm) 110 x 79 x 18mm: Outdoor Dimension 5 60 x 60 x 50mm: Door Thickness Range: 35mm x 110mm: Door Hole Range: 14mm x 50mm: language: Chinese/English (default) Suitable for: Office / Apartment / Villa: Applicative Door: 5 doors, Metal doors: Color: Premium Copper: LCD Display: Yes: Battery ( Built-In ) 8500 mAh Lithium Battery: Battery Standby Time
R26: Indoor Dimensions (mm) 147 x 147 x 18mm: Outdoor Dimension (mm) 60 x 60: Door Thickness Range: 35mm x 110mm: Door Hole Range: 14mm x 50mm: language: Chinese/English (default) Suitable for: Office / Apartment / Villa: Applicative Door: Wooden doors, Metal doors: Color: Premium Silver: LCD Display: Yes: Battery ( Built-In ) 8500 mAh Взято отсюда Battery: Battery Standby Time: 1-2 weeks
Eques VEIU Smart Door Bell is available in Nickel or Copper.

World’s Smartest 5 Doorbell 5 Eques VEIU Rechargeable Door Camera Peephole Viewer for Your Home Security – WIFI Enabled – Night Vision – Large LED Touch Screen – iOS & Android (Copper).

Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

No Monthly Fee: Free cloud storage, free expandable local 5. Home security and peace of mind without having to write a check 5 after month after month.

Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

Incredible shopping paradise! 5 products, latest trends and bestselling items、Eques VEIU R26C:Home Electronics, Items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and 5 over the world at highly discounted price!

Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

I bought Eques Video Door Viewers back in 2015. While I was traveling in another country, some 5 visitors were snooping around my home. By talking through the device, I was able to scare them away.

Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper купить в интернет-магазине, цена, отзывы, характеристики. Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

I'm so glad Eques was there when I needed it! 5 T.
Видеоглазок 5 R26 VEIU Copper в наличии.

Купить в Москве, отправка по всей России.

Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

Возможность самовывоза и доставки день в день.
Sep 28, 2018 · Eques 5 raising funds for The World's 5 Doorbell: VEIU on Kickstarter!

Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

Protect your 5 from anywhere with the world's smartest video doorbell: 5.
Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper купить по самой выгодной цене в интернет-магазине Tv-Vision!

Video Ring Doorbell & Peephole Door Viewer for your Smart Phone

Цены, отзывы, фотографии, подробные характеристики товара.
Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Nickel в наличии. Купить в Москве, отправка по всей России. Возможность самовывоза и доставки день в день. Was ist ein Prototyp?
Ein Prototyp ist sozusagen ein vorläufiges Modell dessen, was bei einem Projekt entstehen soll, wenn es sich dabei um ein Produkt handelt.
In diesem Fall müssen den Unterstützern Unterlagen zu einem funktionierenden Prototypen präsentiert werden.
In dieser Galerie kann der Projektgründer Fotos oder Videos hochladen, damit sich die Unterstützer eine Vorstellung davon machen können, in welchem Stadium sich das Projekt befindet; was bereits erreicht wurde und was noch aussteht.
Der Entwicklungsprozess ist zwar bei jedem Projekt unterschiedlich, aber für gewöhnlich gibt es dabei die folgenden Phasen: Konzept-Nachweis Untersuchungen, die Ideen und Funktionalität unterlegen.
Funktionsprototyp Weist Funktionalität des Endprodukts auf, sieht aber etwas anders aus.
Geometrischer Prototyp Sieht aus wie das Endprodukt, hat aber keine funktionalen Eigenschaften.
Designprototyp Sieht aus wie das Endprodukt und hat dieselben funktionalen Eigenschaften, wurde aber aus anderen Ботинки LE GRE oder in einer anderen Art und Weise hergestellt.
Technischer Prototyp Gleicht dem Endprodukt in Aussehen, Funktion und Herstellungsweise.
UPDATE: No Matter What, We'll Make VEIU Better!!
Dear backers, We'll make VEIU better by improving its waterproofing and weatherproofing regardless of hitting our stretch goal or not.
Here is some confirmation from our tech team: 1.
MORE WATERPROOFING: We will apply 5 thin продолжение здесь of Conformal Coating on the PCB board of the outdoor camera part to device more waterproofing.
This should allow you to use VEIU doorbell under rainy weather.
MORE WEATHERPROOFING: We've improved the design and did an internal TEST.
Our VEIU still works perfectly even below the temperature range of -30°C - 50°C - 22°F - 122°F.
Compared to Ring's operating temperature range of -20°C — 50°C -5°F - нажмите чтобы узнать больше device should be able to endure colder weather!
Thanks for your support!
Since 2016, when we established our home base in the heart of Silicon Valley, our mission has been to protect what is dearest to you.
Over the last year we have been developing and perfecting the VEIU Smart Doorbell.
After many iterations and testing we are happy to say that the only thing standing in the way of you making your home smarter and safer is your support of this project.
The Eques App puts your front 5 at your fingertips no matter where you are.
Since VEIU runs off your home's Wi-Fi, you have a secure connection from your smartphone to your VEIU anywhere with a network connection.
Many smart home products require expensive monthly subscriptions that can run you hundreds of dollars a year.
With VEIU there are no monthly cloud storage fees, your only expense is the hardware.
The Eques App is available as a free download from both Google Play читать статью the Apple App Store 30 seconds of your time can make all the difference in bringing VEIU to life.
Take a second and hit one of the links below to share this project with your friends.
Who knows, they might be thanking you later.
Motion Sensor - VEIU automatically detects motion and can be set to take a snapshot, send an alert to your phone, or start recording video when motion is detected.
The 5" LCD touch screen display is easy to set up, read, and displays the same video your app would.
The display also allows you to save and share video clips.
Wi-Fi Connectivity - VEIU uses your home Wi-Fi connection to stream video to your device making the connection safe and secure.
This also allows you to access multiple cameras at once.
Rechargeable Battery - The rechargeable battery saves you time and money by eliminating the hassle of replacing batteries every time they die.
Long Battery Life - A fully charged battery can last up to 5 months in standby mode giving you piece of mind that your VEIU will be ready when someone pays you an expected or unexpected visit.
Wide Angle Lens - The lens on the VEIU gives you a 180 degree view of your porch, making sure you wont miss any visitors.
No Subscriptions 5 Other smart home products require expensive monthly and yearly subscriptions.
Our app is completely free and available for both Apple and Android devices.
VEIU has 400% more internal memory storage.
VEIU is compatible with any door 35-110mm thick and installation is super simple.
All it takes is a screw driver and five minutes of your time.
Each VEIU comes with a simple 12 step guide to help you install the smart doorbell quickly and without professional help.
We believe crowdfunding is the ссылка на подробности way to bring new products to life.
We also believe that Kickstarter isn't just for starting a business, but for companies to drive innovation.
Kickstarter gives us a platform to connect inventors us with passionate consumers you.
This allows us to foster a community around our product and build off feedback provided by people who truly care about our products.
продолжить are the dimensions of the VEIU doorbell?
The package dimensions are 9.
The product weighs approximately 2.
Do I need a Wi-Fi connection to set up my VEIU?
The VEIU Doorbell can be used with or without WiFi connection.
To maximize VEIU's benefits, use a wireless internet connection to enable its smart features, including the ability to send live video and audio straight to your smartphone.
VEIU is compatible with wireless routers running on 2.
Does VEIU require direct power lines to function?
VEIU operates wirelessly using its built-in battery.
The battery lasts an average of 2 months after each complete charge.
Do I need to have an existing peep hole for 5 to work on my door?
Feel free to request a free drill bit to safely drill a hole in your door.
Drill bits will be available at the продолжение здесь of our campaign.
We will be sure to send it along with your backed product.
How long does it take the for the battery to fully charge?
It takes about 4 to 5 hours for VEIU to fully charge.
Do I need to remove the indoor panel to charge it?
The indoor panel can be easily removed from the door mount for charging.
In addition, we also provide a 10 foot 3 meters charging cable for those who may find it more convenient to plug your product into a nearby outlet.
Alternatively, you may use a power bank to charge your device.
Will VEIU notify me when it is time to charge the system?
The VEIU app features a low-battery warning and a battery level основываясь на этих данных on the indoor touch screen that you can check anytime.
Are there any additional fees?
For standard services, VEIU devices operate without any monthly fees.
What if someone steals my VIEU Doorbell?
The VEIU Doorbell is equipped with proprietary security screws that keep the device securely mounted, which makes it difficult to take.
Where can I download the app?
Download our free VEIU App from App Store or Google Play Store -- both under our company name, EQUES.
Please note that this App is also compatible 5 other Eques smart devices.
When you install VEIU, make sure that you select the VEIU device option.
What happens if my Wi-Fi goes out?
If you lose wireless internet connection, VEIU will not be able to send Обогрев труб 8 м xLayder Pipe EHL-16-8 внутрь трубы and video https://xn--80afh5adm3cyc.xn--p1ai/electrolux/preobrazovatel-differentsialnogo-davleniya-oven-pd-200-dd-02-155-01-2-n.html to your smart devices.
However, your device can continue to operate with saved data in its local storage.
The 2GB local storage is included in the product and can save up to 20,000 images.
Do I have to replace my existing doorbell?
Replacing your old doorbell is not required.
VEIU PIR Passive Infra-Red Sensor operates without needing to press your traditional doorbell button.
You can still check the live video and chat with your visitors through VEIU App on your smart devices.
My front door is glass.
Will I be able to install VEIU?
We do not recommend that you mount it on glass.
VIEU works with door thicknesses ranging from 35 mm to 110 mm.
Will there be other color options?
Yes, we offer 2 color options for the exterior doorbell, brass- or champagne- colored.
The indoor panel comes in the читать далее only.
Please let us know your color 5 when you place the order.
SHIPPING: When will I receive my VEIU?
SHIPPING: How will my product be shipped?
Will there be tracking numbers?
DOMESTIC: US orders will ship from our Los Angeles center using ground service USPS priority, FedEx, or UPS -- depending on destination and shipment size.
Tracking information will be provided.
INTERNATIONAL: Non-US orders will ship from one of our 3 international warehouses located in London, Hong Kong, and Toronto.
To save money for our backers, we will import all of our products to the aforementioned countries before shipping them to you.
This means that your shipments… 1.
Will arrive more quickly rather than being held up in customs.
May have tracking, though not guaranteed depending on the particular post service.
For EU and Asian backers, Royal Mail International or Hong Kong Post will most likely be used.
Note that we cannot alter the value of your rewards on customs declarations -- the value will be declared as the total value of the items contained in the shipment.
What is your return policy?
The support from our Kickstarter backers enables us to run and grow our business, gather customer feedback, design new products, and improve existing ones.
In our Kickstarter community, the items that you receive after making a pledge are referred to as "rewards" because they are not traditional purchases.
Instead, they are gifts - in our case, camera products - that are sent to our supporters as a token детальнее на этой странице our appreciation.
We 5 thank our backers for helping Eques move forward in https://xn--80afh5adm3cyc.xn--p1ai/electrolux/rezak-ideal-7260-idl7260.html journey.
Risiken und Herausforderungen Our team has many years of experience in the smart home and technology industry.
This, along with the testing 5 we have performed with the VEIU Doorbell minimizes your risk in backing this project.
We have already started production of the doorbells and just need your support to get them out of our hands and into yours!
Thank you for your support.
We really appreciate you helping us keep families safe and spreading the word on our smart home products.
Your choice of Copper or Champagne color.
Limited to first 3000 backers Two VEIU video doorbells.
One for the font door and one for the back door.
Your choice of Copper or Champagne color.
Ten VEIU video doorbells.
Perfect for apartment complex or investment property owners that want to give their tenants added value.
Your choice of Copper or Champagne color.
One VEIU video doorbell.
Your choice of Copper or Champagne color.

Видеоглазок EQUES R26 VEIU Copper

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